Enterprise Rent-A-Car

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The Enterprise Rent-A-Car Company is a privately held St. Louis, Missouri-based letting car party plateful customers in the U.S., Canada, Germany, Ireland, Puerto Rico and the U.K.. They are also the owners of the Vanguard Automotive Group, hand of National Car and Truck Rental and Alamo Rent A Car in North America. According to Auto Rental News, their 2006 (fiscal year finale July 31) U.S. revenue was US$9.04 billion with a fleet of about 720,000 vehicles. The Detroit News reports that Enterprise currently purchases 7% of all new automobiles sold in the United States. As of 2005, they had 5,399 “narrow sell” locations (91% of all transactions), and 419 airport locations (9% of all transactions).[Citation required]

Enterprise Rent-A-Car is the prevalent charge car circle in North America, and has more than 6,900 offices. Enterprise is number 16 on the Forbes “500 Largest Private Companies in America” slope. In June 2008, Enterprise Rent-A-Car located 49th on the lean of Most Respected Companies in the United States in a study of U.S. clients conducted by the Reputation Institute.

The group is named after the Yorktown rank aircraft carrier USS Enterprise, on which organizer Jack Taylor served in World War II.

Corporate Strategy

Enterprise’s chief focus is the area payment car bazaar, specializing in car rentals to regulars who necessary a replacement car as the answer of an accident, mechanical refurbish, theft, or who compel a vehicle for an exclusive cause such as a brief interest or leisure voyage. In the overdue 1990s, Enterprise Rent-A-Car also began mounting its operations to compose the airport bazaar, and now serves airports in the United States, Canada, the UK and Ireland.

The focal television advertising pushed for Enterprise Rent-A-Car shows a car wrapped in russet paper, and skin the slogan “Pick Enterprise, We’ll choice you up!” Enterprise has become imminent for their tender to select up customers and earn them to the letting workplace.

Enterprise will rent to all qualifying individuals 21 being of age or adult, 18 if you are replacing a vehicle in the store. To lessen, the lodger can pay with a chief acclaim license. If the tenant does not have a major character card, then they can pack out a charge qualification form to pay with money order, charge card, safeguard, or money (message, some branches do not excepting cash).

Customer checked

Enterprise Rent-A-Car purchaser mass has been recognized seven period by J.D. Power and Associates as peak in buyer satisfaction for hire car companies at, or near airports.

The guests was named number 9 on Business Week's top 25 companies client ceremony roll.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car repeatedly ranks number one on the Market Matrix Hospitality Index in charge car commerce consumer satisfaction.

Hiring of College Graduates

Unlike its competitors, Enterprise Rent-A-Car recruits academy graduates with the tender that the positions are archetype to pioneer their careers. Business Week ranked Enterprise 5th on the incline of "Best Places to Launch a Career" in 2006. Enterprise employees also dress in sphere attire, including men tiresome khakis, dress shirts and ties.

Employees actively participate in everything from sales and marketing and patron rite to operations and finance. Some responsibilities may enter: effective the roll, charming reservations, filing, major cars to choose up customers, washing cars, secondary sales as well as sales calls to dealerships, body shops, assurance agents and corporate accounts.


Failing Enterprise is the online identity for Enterprise Rent-A-Car customers and employees. Founding in December 2003 by a long-name customer, the site and its discussion enter (100,000+ posts) bestow a venue for discussing Enterprise policies and practices.

Specific customer complaints contain dishonored reservations and long waits at cars.

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