Enterprice Rent A Car - Vehicle Acquisition

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As an independent, privately owned company, we are not tied to any one manufacturer. With more than 700,000 vehicles under fleet management, Enterprise is one of the largest vehicle purchasers in the country. The expertise we have gained managing such a fleet, can impact your company significantly with benefits including:

Volume Discount Pricing

Enterprise can negotiate value enhanced agreements, because of its relationship with manufacturers, which smaller buyers will find more difficult.

Greater Vehicle Selection

Your drivers will enjoy a better selection of cars, SUVs, trucks and vans through our contacts with manufacturers and our nationwide network of dealers.

Factory Orders

Fleet Vehicles will be ordered directly from the manufacturer, when possible, to ensure exact matches with the customer's equipment and color specifications.

Dealer Stock

Fleet vehicles can be acquired directly from a dealership's inventory. This option should be utilized only to meet immediate expansion needs or unanticipated vehicle retirement. Enterprise Fleet Management's national network of dealer relationships makes it possible to locate and deliver specific vehicles anywhere in the country.

Used Vehicles

Used fleet vehicles will be pulled from Enterprise Rent-A-Car’s inventory. This option is usually best for very short holding periods (12 months) or extremely high mileage applications. Vehicles are carefully selected, detailed and safety-checked prior to being released to a customer.

Aftermarket Equipment

Vehicles requiring upfitting with service bodies, signage, radios, shelving, etc. prior to delivery can be coordinated by Enterprise Fleet Management's staff through the customer or Enterprise vendor, whichever is more convenient. Your local Enterprise account team, in consultation with you, will conduct any research required to make a decision.

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